Draw Process

How to request a draw

  1. Please fill out our Online Draw Request Form available here.
  2. Ensure you note how the inspector can gain access to the property on the form, i.e. enter the lockbox code, etc..  If the inspector cannot gain access to the property upon arrival, we will need to charge the inspection (draw) fee regardless as an inspector had to visit the property so it's very important!
  3. Make sure everything you list/request is 100% installed and completed.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Loan Officer or call us at 832-770-4375.
Draw Request Form

The Draw Process

How the Process Works

Step 1: The borrower rehabs the property.
Step 2: The borrower is ready to be reimbursed for completed work and submits the Draw Request Form on our home page or here.
Draw Process Diagram
Step 3: The inspector performs an inspection to verify that the items requested on the Draw Request
Form have been 100% installed and completed.
Step 4: The lender compares what was requested on the Draw Request Form with what was actually
performed at the property.  If approved, draw funds are released via ACH to the borrower.
Turnaround time from submission to receipt of funds is typically 3-5 business days.  Turnaround time is an estimate and may vary based on demand.

Scope of Work Worksheet

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Keep in mind...

A few other things to keep in mind:
  • It’s the borrower’s responsibility to pay contractors directly if they require funds up front to begin rehab.
  • A draw (inspection) fee is charged each time a draw request is submitted and an inspector visits the property.
  • The borrower should always provide property access info, e.g. lock box code, and a working phone number on the Draw Request form in case the inspector needs to contact them.  If the inspector is unable to access the property, the draw (inspection) fee will still be charged to the borrower. 
  • If the borrower is over their original rehab/renovation budget for any reason, the borrower will pay for those items first and we will allocate the draw funds after based on progress toward completion of the property.
  • The final draw is released based on the property being complete, or list ready, for sale or refinancing.
  • You must have your insurance in place to receive the requested draw funds.